Vacay Getaway!

Just in case you were wondering what the heck is going on – why haven’t there been any blog posts!?  It’s b/c I actually took a little vacay (in the middle of wedding season!?  who does that! haha!) & didn’t schedule any blog posts before I left.  You know how vacay is – you have to do twice as much work before & after…so things are pretty crazy ’round here!   But I took full advantage of a free weekend, and stole the hubs away to Folly Beach, near Charleston, SC!   I *highly* recommend checking out this chill little surf town if you get a chance!  So now, I’m relaxed & recharged for the second half of wedding season & I’m ready to rock it!   And not to worry – the blog posts resume tomorrow!   xoxo, tPoz



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