Baltimore Wedding Venues

View Photos from some of my favorite Baltimore Wedding Venues in the Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland area.  

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1840’s Ballroom Weddings:

Kelly+Dan 6/22/12
City Lites 1840

Lindsay+Joe – 8/20/11

American Visionary Art Museum Weddings:

American Visionary Art Museum Wedding

Faith+Jason – 12/1/12

Anchor Inn Weddings:

Anchor Inn Wedding Bride & Groom

Ashley+David – 4/27/13

Annapolis Maritime Museum Weddings:

Alice+David – 8/6/16

Annapolis Maritime Museum Wedding

Laura+Chris – 7/19/14

Annapolis Maritime Museum Wedding Photos

Katie+Leland – 4.26.14

Annapolis Maritime Museum Wedding Photos

Erin+Clark – 7/27/13

Annapolis Maritime Museum Wedding Photos
Molly+Jamie 5/19/12

Antrim 1844 Weddings:

Antrim 1844 Wedding

Sarah+Sam – 7/12/14

Antrim 1844 Wedding

C+Z – 9/26/13

Aspen Wye River Conference Center Weddings:

Aspen Wye River Wedding Ceremony Photos •  tPoz Photography

Anita+Devin – 10/24/15

Aspen Wye River Wedding Photos

Kristi+Johnny – 5/18/13

B&O Railroad Museum Weddings:

B&O Railroad Museum Wedding Photos

Ashley+Chris – 1/24/15

Baltimore Aquarium Weddings:

National Aquarium wedding

Janeen+Chuck – 1/17/15

Baltimore Aquarium Wedding

Erica+Andrew – 6/14/14

Baltimore Museum of Industry Weddings:

baltimore museum of industry wedding

Katie+Kevin – 9/3/16

Maryland themed wedding

Abigail+Bernard – 9/12/15

Wedding at the Baltimore Museum of Industry

Emily+Derek – 8/29/15

Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding Photos

Emily+Steven – 3/14/15

Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding

Shannon+Adam – 7/5/14

Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding Photos

Amy+Scott – 4/11/14

Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding Photos
Cat+Will 5/25/12
Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding Photos
Rachel+Jeff – 7/7/12
Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding

Sima+Rob – 12/14/13

Belmont Manor & Historic Park Weddings:

Brittland Estates Weddings:

Carnegie Institution for Science Weddings:

Carnegie Institution for Science Wedding Photos

Kristen+John – 8/30/13

Calvert House Weddings:

Cattail Creek Country Club Weddings:

Laura+Conor 5/28/11

Chase Court Weddings:

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Weddings:

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding - Tavern Ballroom •  tPoz Photography

Sarah+Eric – 9/26/15

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Beach House Wedding • tPoz Photography •

Sara+Casey – 10/10/15

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club wedding, bride & groom on the beach

Kelly+Mike – 6/6/15

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photos • tPoz Photography •

Leah+Derrick – 10/3/14

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photos
Michelle+Robert   11/17/12

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Weddings:


Lance+Kristin – 10/17/15 

Chesapeake Inn Weddings:

Chesapeake Inn Wedding Photos
Tiffany+Bobby 6/2/12

Church & Co Weddings:
City Lites at the 1840’s Ballroom Weddings:

City Lites at 1840
Lindsay+Joe 8/20/11

Crofton Country Club Weddings:

Crofton Country Club Wedding Photos

Kim+Brian – 6/15/13

Doubletree Hotel at BWI Weddings:

Katie+Patrick 6/24/11

 Duke Farm Weddings:

Duke Farm Wedding
Nicole+Scott – 8/25/12

Elkridge Furnace Inn Weddings:  

Elk Manor Winery Weddings:

Elk Manor Winery Wedding

Katie+Mike – 5/25/14

Engedi Estate Weddings:

Engineers Club Weddings:

Engineers Club Wedding Baltimore
Annaliese+Mike  10/20/12

Evergreen Museum Weddings:

The Evergreen Museum Wedding Photos

Beth+Brett – 5/17/14

Four Seasons Baltimore Weddings:

Four Seasons Baltimore Wedding Photos

J+S – 8/11/12

Four Seasons Baltimore Cobalt Ballroom

Leigh+Patrick – 10/19/13

Four Seasons Baltimore Wedding

Leigh+Patrick – 10/19/13

Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Museum Wedding:

Frederick Douglass Maritime Museum Wedding

Meredith+Brandon – 9/6/14

Douglass-Myers Maritime Park & Museum Wedding •  tPoz Photography

Zoey+John – 9/6/15

Gibson Island Club Wedding:

Gibson Island Club Wedding Photos
Julianne+John  6/16/12

Grand Historic Venue Weddings:

Grand Historic Venue Wedding

Cailey+Fritz – 5/30/14

Grand Lodge of Hunt Valley Weddings:

The Grand Lodge Hunt Valley Wedding

Lindsay+Nick – 9/29/12

Grey Rock Mansion Weddings:

Grey Rock Mansion Wedding Photos
Sara+Jeff – 4/16/11

Herrington on the Bay Weddings:

Herrington on the Bay Wedding Photos

Samantha+Aaron – 6/30/13

Hillendale Country Club Weddings:

Hillendale Country Club Wedding
Meghan+Adam – 9/15/12
MaryBeth+Ziggy - 4/5/14

MaryBeth+Ziggy – 4/5/14

Hillendale Country Club Wedding Photos

Alison+Jared – 5/24/14

Historic London Town and Gardens Weddings:

Sunset Historic London Town Wedding Photos

Styled Shoot at London Town – 10/2014

Historic London Town and Gardens Wedding Photos

Katie+Ryan – 5/30/14

Hotel Monaco Baltimore Weddings:

Hotel Monaco Baltimore Wedding

Jessica+Scott – 9/7/13

Inn at Perry Cabin Weddings:

Jefferson Patterson Park Weddings:

Sarah+Brett - 4/12/14

Sarah+Brett – 4/12/14

Kent Manor Inn Weddings:

Kent Manor Inn Wedding Photos

Elizabeth+Jeremy – 4/2/16

Kurtz’s Beach Weddings:

Chelsea+Jason – 7/27/12

Landis Valley Museum Weddings:

Yellow Barn at Landis Valley Museum Wedding Photos
Dana+Charlie 9/4/11
Yellow Barn Landis Valley Museum Wedding
Jessica+Scott 9/2/12

Legg Mason Tower Weddings:

Legg Mason Tower Wedding •  tPoz Photography •

Rachel+David – 7/23/16

L’Hirondelle Club Weddings:

Katie+Kyle 11/5/11

Linganore Winecellar Weddings:

Louisiana Restaurant Weddings:

Louisiana Restaurant Wedding Baltimore
Sara+Jamie 11/11/11

M&T Bank Stadium Weddings :

Ravens Stadium Wedding

Sarah+Dan – 4/17/14

Mandarin Oriental DC Weddings:

Maryland Zoo Weddings:

Maryland Zoo Wedding

Lauren+Brennan 10/14/12

Milton Ridge Weddings:

Leanna+Austin - 8/9/13

Leanna+Austin – 8/9/13

Mt Washington Mill Dye House Weddings:


Rose+Fergus – 8/1/15

Mountain Branch Weddings:

Mountain Branch Wedding Photos
Christina+Randy 10/8/11

Naval Academy Weddings:

Naval Academy Wedding

Laura+Chris – 7/19/14

Ocean Pines Yacht Club Weddings :

Kira+Eric – 5/14/16

Litty+Brett - 7/26/13

Litty+Brett – 7/26/13

Osprey Point Weddings:

Osprey Point Inn Wedding Photos

Monique+Kenneth – 10/26/13

Peabody Library Weddings:

Pier 5 Hotel Weddings:

Pier 5 Hotel Wedding

Kelli+Mike – 9/22/12

Pier 5 Hotel Gardens & Baltimore Aquarium Wedding

Erica+Andrew – 6/14/14

Pier 5 Hotel Wedding Photos
Laura+Rick 3/19/11

Port Annapolis Marina Weddings:

Port Annapolis Marina Wedding Ceremony

Katie+Leland – 4/26/14

Port Annapolis Marina Wedding Photos
Kate+Mike 5/12/12

Preston Hall Weddings:

Preston Hall Wedding Photos
Annemarie+Jeremy 10/1/11

Raven’s Stadium Weddings:

Sarah+Dan - 4/17/14

Sarah+Dan – 4/17/14

Rehoboth Beach Country Club Weddings:

Rehoboth Beach Country Club Wedding

Michael+Myloan – 5.11.13

Ripken Stadium Weddings:

Ripken Stadium Wedding •  tPoz Photography •

Angela+Matt – 7/16/16

River Creek Country Club Weddings:

Amy+Daniel 9/3/11

Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore Weddings:

Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore Wedding Photos

Christa+Kevin – 9/21/13

Running Hare Vineyard Weddings:

Sagamore Farm Weddings:

Sagamore Farm Wedding

Sagamore Farm Wedding – 9/28/13

Sagamore Pendry Hotel Weddings:

Sheraton Inner Harbor Weddings :

Sheraton Inner Harbor Wedding

Alyssa+Jonathan – 11/30/13

Silver Swan Bayside Weddings:

Silver Swan Bayside Wedding Sparklers Exit

Kristin+Jon – 8/9/14

Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards Weddings:

Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards Wedding
Lauren+Eric  10/13/12

Stone Manor Country Club Weddings:

Stone Manor Country Club Wedding

Tina+Brian – 9/27/14

Stone Ridge Hollow Weddings:

Suburban Club Weddings:

Sparkler photos wedding

Anna+Ryan – 10/5/13

Swan Harbor Weddings:

Tabrizi’s Weddings:

Randi+Eric  5/27/12
Meghan+Scott 10/22/11

The Belvedere Weddings:

The Belvedere Baltimore Wedding • tPoz Photography •

Kathleen+Mike – 3/1/2014

The Belvedere Wedding Baltimore
Jay+Gaby 12/3/11
The Belvedere wedding photos

Laurie+Cory – 12/8/12

The Cloisters Castle Weddings:

The Grand Historic Venue Weddings:

The Historic Grand Venue Wedding Photos

Cailey+Fritz – 5/31/14

Tremont Grand Historic Venue Baltimore Bridal ShowThe Hotel at Arundel Preserves Weddings:

Corporate Holiday Party - 12/6/14

Corporate Holiday Party – 12/6/14

The Mansion at Valley Country Club Weddings:

The Links at Gettysburg Weddings:

The Oaks in St. Michael’s Weddings:

The Oaks Waterfront Inn Wedding

Dana+Ben – 9/19/15 

Lesbian Wedding at The Oaks Waterfront Inn in St. Michael

Kristi+Katie – 11/22/14

The Oaks at St. Michael
Nicole+Jim 7/16/11

The Regent at Stone House Weddings:

The Tidewater Inn Weddings:

Thomas Birkby House Weddings:

Thomas Birkby House Wedding Leesburg
Karen+Sean  8/18/12

Tremont Grand Weddings:

Grand Historic Venue Wedding

Cailey+Fritz – 5/30/14

Turf Valley Weddings:

Turf Valley Wedding Photos
Christi+Dan 8/27/11
Turf Valley Wedding Photos
Megan+Scott – 1/14/12
Turf Valley Wedding Reception
Liz+Michael 8/6/11

Vandiver Inn Weddings:

Walters Art Museum Weddings:

The Walters Art Museum Wedding Photos

Nicole+Brian – 11/2/13

Waters Edge at Marshy Point Weddings:


Lucas+Lindsey – 6/22/13

Waverly Mansion Weddings:

Waverly Mansion Wedding Bride & Groom

Kandyce+Randall – 11/4/12

Westin Georgetown Weddings:

Westin Georgetown Wedding

Jenny+Kenny – 8/10/13

Wye River Estate Weddings: 

Wye River Wedding •  tPoz Photography

Anita+Devin – 10/24/15


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